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copper sink being handmadeBy ordering a Mexican copper sink from, you are also taking a piece of Mexican history home with you.

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Interested in the history of Mexican copper? The strikingly beautiful handmade copper sink products & artwork that we produce at Mexican Copper are the result of a long tradition of copper sink and art crafting in Mexico that dates back several centuries.

In pre-colonial times, local Indians mined for copper in various regions of Mexico including the state of Michoacan in Central Mexico and used it to manufacture all kinds of wares and artwork. In 1538, the Spanish missionary, Vasco de Quiroga, established various schools, hospitals and libraries to educate and care for the local Indians of Central Mexico. In Michoacan he came to be regarded as "Tata" Quiroga, where he taught local Indians to work wood and copper in a more efficient manner. In the town of Santa Clara del Cobre, copper smithing became the town's mainstay, eventually making it famous for these skills. By the 17th century, a great demand for hand hammered copper kettles (pre copper sink) made in Santa Clara, largely supported the economy of the entire town. By the 20th century, however, the demand for these kettles almost disappeared to the point where only a few trained craftsmen were still capable of producing objects of high quality in the traditional way.

Picture of Santa Clara            
By the 1940's the people of Santa Clara looked for new ways to sustain the age old copper-smithing tradition forming the equivalent of artisans guilds and cooperatives. A state supported development program based on artwork competitions to have copper art pieces recognized and rewarded in exhibitions caused a renaissance in the field. Artisans that produced traditional copper kettles started producing also more decorative plates, copper vases, sinks and stylized copper containers. Eventually, collectors as well as tourists who wanted to take an example of a prized craft home with them, have come from all over the world to purchase the beautiful and striking works of art and copper sink products that we make here.

Our Copper Artisans & Our Work

Our copper sink artisans are made up of two families that have been working copper for over three generations. We have focused primarily on making high quality, custom designed copper sinks, but we also create beautiful hand hammered copper vases and engraved copper artwork. Our focus is exclusively in making the highest quality products we can, and have been careful not to sacrifice quality for volume or fall into the road of mass production and mass marketing. We strive to maintain many of the age-old traditions of copper-smithing, and treat each copper sink as a unique work of art. Our vision is to continue to be one of the few workshops producing the highest quality artwork in Central Mexico. We will always strive to have quality, workmanship, beauty and pride be the common denominator for each one of the pieces we make.

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By ordering a sink, you are guaranteed to get a beautiful and uncommon work of art that will beautify your kitchen, bar or bathroom for years to come. Select one of the many accessories, vases, mirror frames, waste paper baskets, light fixtures, or bowls and you will enhance the beauty of your home, creating a designers showcase that will be hard to match. And if you want something a little different, select one of our silver, onyx or stone sinks and combine it with any of our other artwork. Contact us, so we can help you select any of our beautiful hand made products. And given the accessible price, you just can't compare the value we offer versus mass produced commercial sinks. 

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