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Copper Sinks: Classic, Timeless Pieces that Transcend Trends

Posted on April 29 2015


Copper Sinks: Classic, Timeless Pieces that Transcend Trends


Your kitchen sink is more than just the place where you wash the dishes. As the focal point of your entire kitchen, your sink deserves to be recognized as more than just a vital kitchen feature. We at Mexican Copper know that a sink can be so much more, especially when your sink is a copper sink. Read on to see why copper sinks offer you much more than what you might expect.



Copper Sinks are the Perfect Combination of Form and Function

There's a reason copper sinks have remained fashionable all these years. Their rustic appeal hearkens back to a simpler time, a time before the demanding, fast-paced concerns of today's world. A copper sink, with its eye-catching natural copper finish, offers you an escape to this time every time you see or use it. The warm, reddish hues can make your kitchen feel inviting and comfortable, which is just perfect for entertaining guests or letting you focus on providing your family with a hearty homecooked meal.


Although modern decor has its appeal to forward-thinking homeowners, its style will inevitably phase out. If you want a look for your kitchen that will stand the test of time, the antique appeal of vessel and farmhouse style copper sinks will never fail to impress.



Explaining the Appeal of Copper Sinks

 A large part of the appeal of copper sinks is in their appearance. Indeed, each handcrafted copper sink from Mexican Copper is uniquely yours - and yours alone! A copper sink can be an extension of your personality, as you can have whatever custom designs you desire emblazoned on your sink.


Copper sinks come in several styles that make them timeless while meeting your discerning tastes. The aforementioned vessel or farmhouse style kitchen sinks have remained popular through the ages. The vessel style sink can instantly impress with its unconventional yet smart design, while the farmhouse style will please those who value practicality. Additionally, double kitchen sinks provide even more space. Now you see how having a copper sink is more than just a necessary feature but a beautiful addition to your home.



The Advantages of Your Own Copper Sink

 Of course, your copper sink is still everything you want from a fully functional kitchen sink. Besides looking attractive, the heavy copper material has anti-bacterial properties. This is essential in a space where cleanliness is so important. Meal ingredients and clean dishes will stay germ- and bacteria-free when used with your copper sink. You can rest easily knowing that even your kitchen sink has you and your family's health in mind.


If you have not yet taken advantage of all that copper sinks have to offer, please contact Mexican Copper at 1-866-479-5710 or browse our available offerings online. You deserve to have the best kitchen you can, and it all starts with a handcrafted copper sink.

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